Political and Legal Affairs

The mission of the Embassy of Switzerland’s Political and Legal Affairs Section is to defend and promote Switzerland’s interests in the United States. Its main diplomatic tasks are:

Providing operational expertise in U.S. domestic and foreign policy, the functioning of institutions and legal practices

Striving toward strengthening bilateral political and legal cooperation, particularly by encouraging official meetings between high-ranking Swiss and U.S. representatives

Maintaining and developing a network of influential contacts in U.S. political and legal circles in the administration, in Congress and in civil society

Team Members

  • Daniel Hunn, Head of Section
  • Olivier Fink, Deputy Head of Section
  • Charlotte Bleisch, First Secretary
  • Roland Portmann, Political and Legal Affairs
  • Christina Tsafoulias, Congressional Affairs
  • Carla Stadelmann, Assistant


To contact Political and Legal Affairs:


Tel: +1 (202) 745 7900