Water Supply and Wastewater of the municipality of Brod Moravice

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The water supply in Brod Moravice has become more reliable thanks to the rehabilitation. © SECO

Brod Moravice is located in the region of Gorski Kotar, where Switzerland and Croatia intend to implement three water supply and wastewater projects. The uncontrolled discharge of untreated sanitary wastewater risks to pollute drinking water sources and catchment areas of the Danube and the Adriatic Sea. Moreover, the existing drinking water systems are in need of maintenance. A feasibility study, also financed through the Swiss contribution to Croatia, detects deficiencies and defines needs for action.

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30.05.2017 - 31.12.2023
CHF  2’373’377

Note: the texts under all the headings, with the exception of 'Results achieved', describe the situation before the start of the project.


The benefitting municipality of Brod Moravice is located in the region of Gorski Kotar in the north-west of Croatia between the Capital Zagreb and the coastal city Rijeka. Roughly 2,000 inhabitants are currently living in Brod Moravice and its surroundings. The region is sparsely populated and mountainous.

Although 98% of the households have access to the public water supply system and are provided with drinking water of good quality, the current infrastructure is in need of improvement. The main deficiencies are a lack of water supply continuity, an unreliable pressure in the water supply system and a risk of pollution because of worn-out and corrosive installations. These deficiencies are leading to an unsatisfying service quality. Today, the water loss rate of the region is estimated at 52%.

As per 2015, none of the households of Brod Moravice and its surroundings was connected to a functioning sewerage system with wastewater treatment. The totality of sanitary wastewater is either discharged uncontrolled into nature or has to be collected individually and treated at high cost elsewhere.

  • Contribution to the environmental protection of the groundwater and surface water in the Danube River basin
  • Sustainable economic development by ensuring better and more reliable water service quality in Brod Moravice



Inhabitants of the agglomeration of Brod Moravice

  • Construction of a wastewater treatment plan
  • Construction of a sewer system: 5,815 metres of pipeline and 4 pumping stations
  • Rehabilitation of water supply infrastructure: 9,300 metres of pipelines, 2 pumping stations and 10 water tanks
  • Installation of a monitoring and control tool for drinking water (SCADA)

Erreichte Resultate:  

Results 2020:

9,800 metres of water supply pipelines haven been rehabilitated

The rehabilitation of the water supply facilities is ongoing

Verantwortliche Direktion/Bundesamt SECO
Kreditbereich Schweizer Beitrag an die erweiterte EU
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  • The Ministry of Regional Development and EU Funds of the Republic of Croatia

Croatian Waters – Hrvatske vode

Budget Laufende Phase Schweizer Beitrag CHF    2’373’377 Bereits ausgegebenes Schweizer Budget CHF    1’435’549

Phase 10 30.05.2017 - 31.12.2023   (Completed)