President Ignazio Cassis meets US secretary of state and Russian foreign minister

Press release, 21.01.2022

President of the Swiss Confederation and head of the FDFA Ignazio Cassis held separate talks on Friday 21 January 2022 with Secretary of State Antony Blinken and Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov on the occasion of the US-Russia meeting in Geneva. Their talks focused on the security situation in Europe and the situation on the Russian-Ukrainian border.

Switzerland is concerned about the mounting tensions on the Russian-Ukrainian border. It is convinced that dialogue is the only way to strengthen security on the European continent. President Ignazio Cassis explained that Switzerland provides its good offices when these are deemed useful and requested. He added that as a platform for dialogue with a series of confidence and security-building measures, the OSCE should play a central role.

The fact that after their summit on 16 June 2021, the United States and Russia had once again chosen Geneva for a high-level meeting underlined "the undiminished importance of International Geneva when it comes to seeking solutions to contemporary challenges", said Cassis.

The main focus of both meetings was the security situation in Europe. Other international issues, such as the situation in Afghanistan, were also raised. Mr Cassis also discussed human rights issues with Mr Lavrov and bilateral issues and relations with Iran with Mr Blinken.

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