Economic and Financial Affairs

The Economic and Financial Affairs Section of the Embassy promotes bilateral economic relations and protects Swiss economic interests in the United States. The Embassy’s economic team monitors U.S. economic, financial and trade policy and keeps track of relevant regulations and legislation by using its extensive network of contacts within the U.S. administration and its various departments and agencies, Congress, as well as a wide range of think tanks and opinion leaders.

Team Members

  • Daniel Freihofer, Head of Section
  • Ines Barnetta, Deputy Head of Section & Financial Affairs      
  • Martin Baumgartner, Trade Policy
  • Claudia Fontana Tobiassen, Commercial Affairs
  • Roland Portmann, Sanctions, Environment and Energy
  • Sandra Müller, Assistant
  • Angela Wall, Assistant


To contact the Economic and Finaicial affairs:


Telephone: +1 (202) 745 7919