Swiss Direct Investment in the United States

Report 2017: Creating Jobs and Supporting the U.S. Economy
Report 2017: Creating Jobs and Supporting the U.S. Economy © FDFA

Creating Jobs and Supporting the U.S. Economy

Switzerland and the United States are also tightly connected through intensive cross-border investments. The U.S. is Switzerland's most important destination for foreign direct investment (FDI); more so than Germany, France, Italy and the UK combined. The U.S. accounts for one fifth of the total Swiss FDI stock abroad. With over $258 billion in direct investments, Switzerland ranks as the 6th largest foreign investor in America. Not only do Swiss companies directly create nearly half a million U.S. jobs, they are also especially active in manufacturing and significantly outspend the affiliates of all other countries in research & development.

For more information on how Swiss direct investment creates jobs and supports the U.S. economy, see also our publication of February 2017 Switzerland’s Economic Footprint in the United States (figures in the report slightly diverge from the ones stated above, which take the latest U.S. statistics into account).

Quick Facts:

  1. Switzerland’s cumulative direct investment in the U.S. amounts to $258 billion.
  2. Swiss affiliates directly support nearly half a million jobs.
  3. The highest number of people who work for Swiss affiliates are in California, Texas, New York and New Jersey.
  4. Swiss affiliates pay the highest average salary among affiliates from the seven largest investing countries in the U.S., $103,200 per year.
  5. Swiss affiliates outspend all other countries in R&D ($10.1 billion).
  6. Swiss affiliates rank fifth in manufacturing employment among the largest investing countries in the U.S.
  7. Swiss affiliates pay the forth highest amount in income taxes among foreign affiliates in the U.S. ($4.3 billion).

Watch the short video (2014 data): Switzerland Punches Way Above its Weight in the U.S. Economy

Switzerland ranked as the most competitive economy in the world according to the Global Competitiveness Report 2016/2017. As a result, numerous North American companies use the country as a springboard to enter European markets, making Switzerland one of the largest destination for U.S. direct investment.