a-space at Art Market Budapest

Thursday, 11.10.2018 – Sunday, 14.10.2018

a-space at Art Market Budapest © a-space

a-space is an artist-run gallery and artist collective that supports aspiring new artists from around the world. The platform enables young artists to participate in international art fairs, solo and group exhibitions in Switzerland and abroad. People at a-space believe in trustworthy partnership. The collective offers artists support in a variety of practical ways, make them a vital part of the gallery and embed them in their network.

a-space was founded by artist Roy Hofer in 2012. Our exhibitions are curated by Nadja Borer, Roy Hofer, Genya Krikova and Bettina Costa, among others. a-space collaborates not only with artists, but also with other artist-run galleries such as Paper Gallery from Manchester UK, EMERGE Lisboa, Ebury Bridge London and Espacio Alexandra Santander. a-space organizes exhibitions in art spaces in Switzerland, at art fairs and in partner galleries within Switzerland and abroad. Their vision is to create a vivid space of sharing and collaborating. While today’s art world so often puts the individual ego in the centre, the artists at a-space greatly appreciate being able to multiply their connections, pass on their experiences and give advice to each other.

Artists at AMB 2018

Fanni Bácskai (HU)
Michael Cheung (CN)
Bettina Costa (CH/ARG)
Jasmin Glaab (CH)
Roy Andres Hofer (CH)
Steph Hermes (CH)
Carol May (CH)
Gerd Paulicke (DE)

Art Market Budapest

Location: Budapest, Millenáris