Priorities for development cooperation with the South

School class in Burkina Faso
SDC commits itself to fighting drop-outs and assuring better quality schooling as e.g. here in Burkina Faso. © SDC

The SDC's 500 development programmes and projects focus on 10 thematic areas. The SDC adapts its priorities according to the needs of the 21 South cooperation partner countries and regions. With a view to ensuring sustainable development, the principles of gender mainstreaming and good governance are a common thread running through all its work.

Priority countries and regions

The SDC's south cooperation concentrates its activities in 21 of the poorest and structurally weakest countries and regions of Africa, the Middle East, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean. While stepping up its involvement in countries and regions considered as fragile, it is continuing its efforts in its other more stable partner countries.

Cuba Haiti Central America Burkina Faso Benin Great lakes Horn of Africa Mali Niger Mozambique North Africa Southern Africa Tanzania Chad Nepal Hindu Kush Mekong Mongolia Near East Bolivia
Southern Africa Hindu Kush (Afghanistan, Pakistan)
North Africa and Middle East Mali
Central America Region (Nicaragua, Honduras) Mekong Region (Cambodia, Laos)
Bangladesh Mongolia
Benin Mozambique
Bolivia Myanmar
Burkina Faso Nepal
Horn of Africa Niger
Cuba Tanzania
The Great Lakes Chad

Thematic priorities

The 10 priority themes for Switzerland’s development cooperation are:

The last five of these themes are considered as 'global programmes'. Gender equality and governance are managed both as cross-cutting and stand-alone themes.