Ensure long-term access to resources and services

Switzerland’s international cooperation aims to improve the living conditions of poor and vulnerable people. Life in dignity depends on permanent access to necessary resources and services.

The Sustainable Development Goals not only set targets for substantial progress by 2030 in the fields of employment, food security, water, healthcare, basic education and vocational training. They are also based on the premise that taking the needs of vulnerable communities into account will create virtuous circles at the same time.

For example, more accessible education can lead to healthier lifestyles and therefore better health, higher agricultural productivity and the emergence of demands for the political empowerment of the poorest sections of society.

Improving well-being by respecting ecosystems

Switzerland’s international cooperation targets the different forms of poverty, vulnerability and exclusion. It strengthens individuals’ economic, human, political, social and cultural capacities by bringing attention to bear on women and the most vulnerable (children, adolescents, older people, the sick and disabled and other marginalised groups). Everyone must be able to create opportunities, recover from misfortune, make their voice heard.

Switzerland aims to create the framework conditions that allow each and every individual to have access to basic needs and services, while ensuring the protection and sustainable management of natural resources and ecosystems. It promotes the sustainable exploitation of water, soils, forests as well as of mineral and energy resources. It also supports innovative projects that promote clean energy and the efficient use of energy.