Promoting sustainable economic growth

Switzerland’s international cooperation promotes growth that creates jobs and increases productivity, helps reduce poverty and disparities, and protects the environment.

To ensure that every individual can attain their potential, it is essential to create economic opportunities. But ever-growing inequalities require the social dimension of economic development to be given greater priority. This concerns all countries – from the most to the least advanced.

It is also important that growth takes climate change into account – adapts to it and attenuates its impact where possible – and is pursued while ensuring the protection of the environment and biodiversity. In view of these challenges, making economies more competitive must go hand in hand with ensuring framework conditions favourable to sustainable and socially equitable growth.

Support for small entrepreneurs

The SDC and SECO work to promote a macroeconomically and financially stable environment. As part of efforts to develop the private sector and create employment, it is necessary to develop financial services that are accessible to the poorest sections of society, SMEs and smallholder farmers.

Switzerland’s international cooperation helps producers and businesses to position themselves in product value-added chains both in rural and urban areas. Many of Switzerland’s projects aim to ensure that developing countries can integrate into the trading networks of the global economy.