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Concrete support for victims of the Syrian conflict

In addition to Switzerland’s humanitarian efforts in Syria and its neighbouring countries, Swiss specialists are helping to receive refugees arriving on the Greek islands.


A young man sawing a wooden board.

Learning to be a bricklayer, plumber or mechanic

In Rwanda the SDC is assisting in the development of new apprenticeship programmes for young people as plots of available farmland becomes harder to find.


Girls at a secondary school in Aswan drink water from taps installed in the schoolyard.

Drinking water for all in Aswan

Many obstacles remain before all Egyptians will be able to enjoy access to drinking water through an equitable and reliable service. The SDC has developed a project in a disadvantaged neighbourhood of the city of Aswan. 



Annual Conference of Swiss Development Cooperation 2016.

Annual Conference of Swiss Development Cooperation 2016

Enjoy the highlights of the 2016 conference: videos, articles, photos, etc.


A Syrian woman carries her child.

Swiss involvement on behalf of victims of the Syrian crisis

Switzerland intervenes in Syria as well as in neighbouring countries.


2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development

A global framework for sustainable development. The 17 sustainable development goals follow on from the Millennium Development Goals.

2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development

Democracy Without Borders

The Democracy Without Borders initiative links Swiss individuals with high public profiles both in Switzerland and internationally with various development cooperation projects.

Democracy Without Borders


Briefing Papers

Current themes of Swiss development cooperation and background information on projects in different regions of the world published in our Briefing Papers at regular intervals.

Briefing Papers


"One Wold"

“One World” – the SDC’s magazine. Take a trip around the world of a rather different kind four times a year and experience regions and countries from unusual perspectives. Available in German, French and Italian.

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