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A young man adds his handprint in paint to a collective charter.

Combating macho stereotypes

25 November 2016, International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women – In Bosnia and Herzegovina, a project supported by the SDC is getting young men to think about their patterns of behaviour.


A worker in a cobalt mine in the province of Katanga in the DR Congo transports two sacks of freshly mined ore (13.01.2011). © Keystone

Business Diplomacy for Sustainable Development

The Earth Security Group, a strategic partner of the SDC, identifies new ways for the private sector to partner with governments and civil society.


15,000 new posts

Strengthening Tunisia’s economic fabric and creating micro-companies as a source of jobs is one of the priorities of Swiss international cooperation in the country.



DISPLACED exhibition at the National Museum Zurich

The DISPLACED exhibition in partnership with the SDC allows visitors to glimpse what it is like to be forced to flee one’s homeland.



Dispatch 2017–2020

The principles, tasks, objectives and focus of Switzerland’s international cooperation are set out in the Federal Council’s 2017–2020 Dispatch to Parliament.


2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development

A global framework for sustainable development. The 17 sustainable development goals follow on from the Millennium Development Goals.

2030 Agenda

Children looking at a globe in a classroom.

Annual Report 2015

Swiss International Cooperation 2015 – a milestone on the road to sustainable development

Annual Report 2015

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