A number of people have found work, improved their basic skills and become independent by pursuing vocational training courses supported by the SDC.


Tsegmid, builder: "First, I started as an assistant, but now I do everything: I finish the interiors of buildings."


Tulasa Thapa, truck driver: "When I am in the driver’s seat, I feel the positive perception of others."


Rohini Devi Chaudhary, mason: “Women who are smart will work. But women who are ignorant will not work, thinking it’s their husband who has to earn a living.”


Fernando, hairdresser: "Since entering the INFOP work¬shop I have no longer had to go hungry. I looked for someone to lend me his hair clippers, and now peo¬ple pay me for my work."


Doña Silvia, baker: "I was saved when the community installed its first oven and we were invited for training."


Amine Bouzidi, chief financial officer: "I made progress in the technical aspects of my job, and also with regard to my personality and my behaviour at work."

Burkina Faso

Kader Kouanda, tailor: "Now I know how to read, take my clients' measurements and talk to them. I'm pleased with the evening classes."


Mediatrice Nyirahabimana, hairdresser: "One month after the training, I am able to provide my basic needs. I believe in a very good future."


Joseph Ntirandekura, electrician: "We have already created a cooperative together with my colleagues in order to get more money as we plan to compete for big tenders."


Fatjona Halimi, seller: "The internship programme was very valuable to me as it helped me discover my field of interest."


Shohsanam Ibrohimova, student: "Now I know that water management facilities could be an interesting workplace for women who are interested in IT"

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Mediha Pruzan, production controller: “Jobclub helped me develop active job search skills and gain self-confidence.”