Tuvalu in brief

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To allow a glimpse on the characteristics of Tuvalu, the FDFA provides key figures on the state, its politics and economy, its population and the Swiss nationals living there.

Government and politics
Head of state Queen Elizabeth II, represented by the Governor General H.E. Iakoba Taeia Italeli
Head of government The Hon. Willy Telavi
Type of state parliamentary democratic monarchy in the Commonwealth of Nations
Land area 26 km2
Capital Funafuti
Population 11,206
Languages Tuvaluan, English, Kiribati (on the Nui atoll)
Government and politics
Currency Australien dollar (AUD)
Gross domestic product (GDP) 2012 USD 36.87m
Change over previous year +1.2%
Per capita GDP USD 3,400
Swiss colony 0 persons
Swiss exports 2012 CHF 0.0 million
Change over previous year -100%
Swiss imports 2012 CHF 0.0 million
Change over previous year -99.6%