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Rapid technological developments are changing the means and methods of warfare. More actors are gaining access to new kinds of weapons – a situation that creates challenges for arms control. © Shutterstock

Arms Control and Disarmament Strategy 2022–25

The global power structure is shifting. New technologies and the nature of conflict are changing radically. This is highlighted by the Ukraine crisis and unresolved issues concerning Europe's security architecture. In the Federal Council's Arms Control and Disarmament Strategy, President of the Confederation Ignazio Cassis indicates that Switzerland wishes to continue tried-and-tested approaches while also adopting innovative new ones. This will improve the security situation and see Switzerland playing a more active role.

Article: "We must re-envision arms control and develop innovative solutions"

Press release: Arms Control and Disarmament Strategy 2022–25

Publication: Arms Control and Disarmament Strategy 2022–25

International Cooperation Strategy

The International Cooperation Strategy is one of Switzerland's foreign policy instruments. Rooted in the Federal Constitution, it seeks to alleviate need and poverty in the world, foster respect for human rights, promote democracy and protect the environment.

Article: Jobs, climate, migration and the rule of law

Dossier: IC – jobs, climate, migration and the rule of law

Article: Switzerland's international cooperation for 2021–24 to focus on jobs, climate, migration and the rule of law

Publication: IC Strategy

Digital foreign policy strategy

Digital technology offers new opportunities for diplomacy, the fight against poverty and sustainability. However, it also poses risks in processing huge quantities of data, spreading fake messages and surveillance. With the adoption of the Digital Foreign Policy Strategy 2021–2024, the Federal Council recognises digital technology as a priority topic of Swiss foreign policy.

Article: Digitalisation improves coherence of Switzerland's foreign policy strategy

Press release: Digital foreign policy strategy 2021–24

Publication: Digital foreign policy strategy

Strategy for Communication Abroad

The Strategy for Communication Abroad 2021-2024 intends to promote Switzerland's image abroad and help safeguard its best interests. Given the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, appropriate communication and networking platforms will raise the profile of Swiss businesses.

Article: "Get to know Switzerland at a travelling pop-up venue – or only a click awand"

Press release: New Strategy for Communication Abroad

Publication: Strategy for Communication Abroad

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