Corporate Design

Photo of an exhibition wall with inscriptions at the Swiss pavilion in Korea in 2012
A shared typography creates a visual identity, like that of the Swiss pavilion in Korea in 2012. © FDFA, Presence Switzerland

Visual identity plays an important role in the framework of the projects and products of Switzerland’s communication abroad.

A clear brand concept favours a durable perception of Switzerland and enables it to differentiate itself from other countries. Switzerland’s visual identity ensures the uniformity of its presence abroad. Switzerland’s corporate design, defined by Presence Switzerland, is the visual basis for the activities of international communication. It therefore harmonises with the visual identity of the Confederation.

This corporate design is applied by the teams working for the Swiss representations abroad, in the FDFA’s central office and by the partner organisations carrying out activities in the framework of Switzerland’s communication abroad.

Pictorial examples of the application of Switzerland’s corporate design

Solar Impulse 2014
Invitation 1st August party House of Switzerland, FIFA World Cup 2014 in Brazil
Giro del Gusto 2014
Giro del Gusto 2014