The State Secretariat is responsible for the implementation of the main lines of action and priorities of the Foreign Policy Strategy 2020–23 set by the Federal Council, as well as the geographical and thematic sub-strategies.

Its remit includes the coordination of foreign policy activities within the FDFA and among the departments. The State Secretariat also safeguards Swiss interests and manages the strategic approach and development of bilateral and multilateral relations with other countries, European institutions and international organisations such as the UN and the OSCE.

The representations abroad, the geographical divisions (Europe, Eurasia, Americas, Asia and Pacific, Africa, MENA), the thematic divisions (Peace and Human Rights, International Security, Digitalisation, Prosperity and Sustainability, UN), Protocol, Crisis Management Centre, Policy Planning and Events Division come under the State Secretariat.

Mr Alexandre Fasel is the FDFA State Secretary.

Last update 23.01.2024


FDFA State Secretariat

Federal Palace West
CH-3003 Bern


+41 (0)58 462 53 13

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