Monitoring and analysis, information and communication are the instruments which feed Switzerland's communication abroad.
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Two categories of instrument form the basis for the realisation of the objectives of communication abroad: those of monitoring and analysis and those of information and communication.

Monitoring and analysis

Monitoring and analysis instruments make it possible to develop the strategic bases for communication and are useful in helping identify the priority issues and in being able to take early initiatives to counter crises threatening Switzerland’s image. Computerised support enhances the effectiveness of this analysis. This is comprised of monitoring and continuously evaluating reports concerning Switzerland in the most important foreign media and in the social networks. 

Image studies are also performed abroad by surveys of the public at large.

Monitoring and analysis

Information and communication

The instruments of information and communication transmit specialised contents in an appropriate manner to selected target groups (general public, opinion leaders and media). What matters here is to make a differentiated presentation of the issues defined in the strategy for communication abroad, with priority given to communication exploiting opportunities. 

There are different types of information and communication instruments:

  • Platforms abroad 
    Presence Switzerland organises Switzerland’s participation at major international events (Swiss Pavilion) and at Olympic Games (House of Switzerland).
    In parallel, communication projects set out to produce the contents for programmes and platforms associated with major events adapted to each country. 
     Platforms abroad
  • Platforms in Switzerland 
    The activities within Switzerland constitute an important component of communication abroad. Invitations to foreign delegations offer the opportunity for communicating the priority issues defined for communication abroad to journalists and opinion leaders in the fields of politics and business.
    Moreover, prestigious international organised events and famous institutions with a worldwide outreach based in Switzerland, such as the “World Economic Forum”, “Art Basel”, the Federal Institutes of Technology, and so on, are also highly beneficial for Switzerland’s image abroad. 
    Platforms in Switzerland
  • Information materials and promotional products 
    The instruments of information and communication transmit specialised contents in an appropriate manner to selected target groups (general public, opinion makers and media).  Digital platforms, especially social media, are playing an increasingly important role in this context. Depicting Switzerland from different aspects helps to create a nuanced picture.
     Information materials and promotional products
  • Corporate Design 
    Switzerland’s corporate design as defined by Presence Switzerland constitutes the visual basis for the activities of communication abroad. This visual identity harmonises with that of the Confederation.
    Corporate Design