Job orders for external translators

The FDFA Language Service is the FDFA's linguistic centre of expertise. It provides language services for the entire department. The Language Service works with external translators when a heavy workload or tight deadline make an in-house translation impossible or when a translation into a language other than German, French, Italian or English is required.

The FDFA Language Service provides its services for the entire department and has a wide network of freelance translators who translate into Switzerland's official languages, English and other languages. The Language Service welcomes applications from highly qualified new freelance translators. Application materials should be addressed to: 

Applicants whose qualifications match the Language Service's current needs will be invited to take a translation test. Those who pass the test are included in the Language Service's external network. Collaboration with the FDFA is regulated by a framework contract. 

External translators must meet the following requirements: 

  • Translation degree or equivalent degree from a higher education institution
  • Several years' translation experience 
  • Familiarity with standard computer applications and computer-assisted translation tools
  • Broad general knowledge and keen interest in the international aspects of Swiss politics and the FDFA's thematic remit


Last update 26.01.2022


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