People in the departure area of an airport
Many people are forced to leave their home regions for various economic, political or social reasons. © FDFA, Presence Switzerland

Switzerland is committed to the protection of migrants, internally displaced people and refugees as defined by the Geneva Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees.

As a result of globalisation and the increasing internationalisation of all areas of life, the forms of mobility and the different causes of migratory movements have become correspondingly diverse, complex and relevant. This can be seen not only in the numbers but also in the increase in international attention paid to the different aspects of migration in many forums and processes in the last few years. In many states the view is a growing that the rigid categories of countries of origin, transit and destination and the perception of migration as a purely North-South phenomenon is inadequate in view of the constantly changing realities.         

Switzerland is committed to taking a determining part in the international migration dialogue and migration partnerships and seeks to ensure the protection of refugees, internally displaced people and migrants in their regions of origin. At the same time it takes an active part in discussions on protection issues, for example through the launch of the Nansen Initiative.

Switzerland’s foreign policy on migration

Taking advantage of opportunities afforded by migration while facing challenges constructively – Switzerland is committed to a coherent and comprehensive foreign policy on migration

Migration partnerships

Flexible and innovative instrument of Swiss foreign policy, cooperation and balance between the interests of all parties involved

International dialogue on migration

The phenomenon of migration requires global governance,Switzerland is committed to a constructive dialogue as a member of multilateral bodies

Protection in the region

Protection on the ground in the countries of first refuge

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