In particular, systematic discrimination, torture and restrictions on the freedom of expression are breeding grounds for instability and violent extremism.

In a similar vein, human rights violations and impunity can serve as indicators in the advance detection of conflicts. Conversely, the realisation of human rights can help prevent conflicts and terrorism.


The UN is key to preventing and resolving conflicts. Under the UN Charter, the UN Security Council has primary responsibility for maintaining world peace and international security. Switzerland is committed to greater cooperation and an efficient flow of information between the UN Security Council, the UN Human Rights Council and the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights.


Various instruments are used for peacebuilding at the national and international levels, including mediation processes, civilian and military peace operations, monitoring missions, mechanisms to prevent atrocities, electoral support, and assistance in dealing with the past. To

increase the effectiveness of these activities, Switzerland works to ensure that human rights are more systematically integrated into such work.

The monitoring of human rights issues in conflict situations can help prevent human rights abuses and atrocities. It also strengthens national and international criminal justice by facilitating the punishment of serious human rights abuses or violations of international humanitarian law.

Last update 27.12.2022

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