Business customer

Business customers may receive e-bills either via online banking or directly in their accounting system.

Requirements and advantages

The same requirements and advantages apply as for private customers. Please note that as a business customer you also need an e-billing agreement with your financial institution.

Requirements and advantages of online banking

Accounting system 

Business customers can import the structured and digitally signed data electronically into their accounting system. In this way, internal processes such as signing off, approving or filing can be fully automated. In comparison with classic systems, this leads to shorter processing times and higher data quality. Bills are paid via the payment channels already in use.

Requirements / getting started 

  • Get the technical requirements for your company to be able to receive, process and archive e-bills in the accounting system.
  • You will also need a contract with a service provider in order to receive e-bills. Your financial institution or swissDIGIN (Forum for the Promotion of B2B E-Invoicing in Switzerland) can give you information about this.
  • You will receive a user number with the contract called an EBillAccountID.
  • Send this user number together with your customer number to the FDFA and make a request for the e-bill facility. Send this information to
    How to find the customer number on an invoice (PDF, Number of pages 2, 31.9 kB, German)
  • In future you will receive VAT-compliant bills electronically which can be imported directly into your accounting system.
  • The e-bill does not change the transfer of payment process.