Launch of the report of the Global High Level Panel on Water and Peace

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Ms Noura KAYAL

Programme Manager
Global Water Programme



14 September 2017, Maison de la Paix, Geneva


To celebrate the launch of the report of the Global High Level Panel on Water and Peace, a public event is taking place at the Maison de la Paix on Thursday 14th of September 2017, from 17:00 to 19:30, followed by an aperitif. 

The Symphony for Water and Peace will be played for the first time in its entirety by an orchestra.

This event will be the occasion for the Panel’s members to present their report and their recommendations to reinforce the global framework for promoting water cooperation as an instrument for peace.

It will also be the occasion for representatives of co-convening Countries, representatives of the Group of Friends on Water and Peace, International Organizations, NGOs and private sector representatives to express themselves and have an interactive exchange with the Panel.


The Global High Level Panel on Water and Peace has been launched in November 2015 by 15 co-convening countries:

Cambodia, Colombia, Costa Rica, Estonia, France, Ghana, Hungary, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Morocco, Oman, Senegal, Slovenia, Spain, and Switzerland.

The Panel is independent – panelists are serving in their individual capacity - and has been tasked with outlining concrete proposals and recommendations to enable water to be an instrument of peace.

The report is the conclusion of two intensives years of work and four meeting of the Panel, in Switzerland, Senegal, Costa Rica and Jordan, with support from the Strategic Foresight Group and the Geneva Water hub, acting as Secretariat of the Panel.

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