Bilateral relations Switzerland–the United Kingdom

Switzerland and the United Kingdom (UK) have maintained close relations over many years founded on similar ideas in areas such as the rule of law, fundamental freedoms, social and economic order, and good governance and with a special focus on economic and financial market issues.

Key aspects of diplomatic relations

Switzerland and the UK pursue similar foreign policy objectives in a variety of international forums, including the United Nations, the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE), the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) and the Council of Europe. In the last few years cooperation has concentrated on the following fields:

  • promotion of human security
  • conflict prevention and peacebuilding measures
  • worldwide abolition of the death penalty
  • regulation of private military and security companies
  • prevention of the spread of weapons of mass destruction
  • prevention of sexual violence in conflicts

Parliamentarians from Switzerland and the UK also conduct lively exchanges. One special event is the traditional, annual parliamentarians ski race in Davos (Switzerland), which will be held for 60th time in 2016.

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Economic cooperation

Switzerland and the UK are important to each other as trading partners and have close economic ties. Liberal economic systems and open markets are high priorities for both countries.

In 2013, the UK was Switzerland's fifth most important export market in the world (approx. CHF 11 billion) and the eighth largest source of Switzerland's imports (approx.  CHF 6.8 billion), the trade volume therefore amounting to a total of CHF 17.8 billion.

As at the end of 2013, Swiss direct investments in the UK stood at CHF  78.8 billion, making the UK the third most important destination for Swiss direct investments after the US and Luxembourg, and Switzerland the ninth-largest direct foreign investor in the UK. The number of jobs in the UK that can be attributed to Swiss investments stands at approximately 200,000.

As at the end of 2013, Swiss direct investments in the UK stood at CHF  21.3 billion. The number of jobs in Switzerland that can be attributed to British investments stands at approximately 27,000.

Both Switzerland and the UK have strong and large financial centres. Accordingly, there are regular exchanges between supervisory authorities, central banks and banking associations.

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Cooperation in the domain of education

Switzerland's dual vocational education and training system has been attracting increasingly strong interest in the UK in recent years. The embassy offers a platform for dialogue between specialists and governmental circles. In addition, it supports study visits to Switzerland and events in the UK (e.g. workshops, conferences and national prize awards) that convey the high value of vocational apprenticeships in Switzerland and their potential in the UK.

State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation (SERI): Vocational and Professional Education and Training

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Cultural exchange

Switzerland and the UK have maintained close cultural ties for a long time. The embassy supports Swiss artists in many different projects in London, as well as as in other parts of the country. Switzerland is regularly represented at the UK's most important cultural festivals and art fairs, in particular the Edinburgh International Festival, the London Film Festival, the BBC Proms and the Frieze Art Fair.

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Swiss nationals in the United Kingdom

In November 2014, 32,848 Swiss citizens were registered at the Swiss embassy in London.

In addition to the embassy in London, Switzerland has an honorary consulate-general in Edinburgh and honorary consulates in Manchester, Belfast, Cardiff, Hamilton (Bermuda), Gibraltar, Grand Cayman and St Peter Port (covering Guernsey and Jersey).

History of bilateral relations

The two states established diplomatic relations in 1891. During the Second World War, Switzerland represented British interests in Germany, Japan, Italy, France, China and other countries. In 1960, Switzerland and the UK founded together with some other European states the European Free Trade Association.

Relations between Switzerland and the United Kingdom date back to the early Middle Ages when monks from the British Isles came to Switzerland as missionaries. Contacts between the two states also took place from the 15th century onwards in the form of Swiss mercenaries serving under the English flag. The Swiss mountains have always held a special fascination for many Britons. In 1863, a British travel agency carried out the first organised tour to Switzerland. This paved the way for tourism in Switzerland and at the same time provided an incentive for the construction of the railway network in Switzerland. British tourists still account for the third-largest group of foreign visitors to Switzerland today.

Historical Dictionary of Switzerland: United Kingdom (de,fr,it)