Bilateral relations Switzerland–Palau

Relations between Switzerland and Palau are limited. There is no trade between Switzerland and this sparsely populated Pacific Island state.

Key aspects of relations

Switzerland pursues four main strands of cooperation with all of the Pacific Island states:

  1. International Geneva: Switzerland offers all Pacific Island states financial and logistical support to establish a permanent mission to the UN and to the other international organisations in Geneva. A permanent mission provides the small island states with opportunities to voice their concerns and advance their interests in relation to the international community.
  2. Multilateral organisations: through organisations such as the Asian Development Bank, the Green Climate Fund and others, the Pacific region indirectly benefits from Swiss funding, particularly in the area of climate change.
  3. Specific projects in the fields of human security, human rights and humanitarian aid: Switzerland operates a humanitarian aid centre in Bangkok capable of providing emergency assistance to the Pacific states in the event of natural disasters such as cyclones.
  4. Small-scale projects through the Swiss embassies in Wellington, Canberra and Manila.

The Swiss embassy in Manila is responsible for diplomatic relations, which are limited to ad hoc contacts in an international context.

Treaty Database

Tourism in Palau

Official website of the government of Palau

Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Programme (SPREP)

Swiss nationals in Palau

In 2021, there are no Swiss nationals living in Palau.

Cooperation in education, research and innovation

Researchers who are citizens of Palau are eligible to apply for Swiss Government Excellence Scholarships.

In the field of scientific research, the Swiss Embassy in Manila recently supported a research project for the benefit of the marine environment and the population of Palau.

Swiss Government Excellence Scholarships

History of bilateral relations

In line with its policy of maintaining relations with all countries, Switzerland established diplomatic relations with Palau in 2001.

Entry in the Historical Dictionary of Switzerland (de, fr, it)

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