Services and publications

Services for Swiss nationals abroad

The Swiss consulates abroad provide assistance in many aspects to travellers from Switzerland and Swiss nationals living abroad

Lecture service

The FDFA specialists come to you – an offer to schools, associations and other institutions


Online publications for download and publications to order in print

Export promotion and investment protection

Export promotion and protection of investments for Swiss companies in Switzerland and abroad, Promoting Switzerland as a business location via the Swiss Business Hubs

Protocol and visits

The FDFA is in charge of organising official ceremonies, particularly visits made by heads of state and government representatives to Switzerland.

Parliamentary interventions

Parliamentary requests on Switzerland's position during the Second World War and its relations with the Middle East and South Africa

Swiss Government Travel Centre

The contact in the Federal Administration for business trips

Access to official documents

The procedure for gaining access to official documents in accordance with the transparency principle


The FDFA awards mandates to contractors with subject-matter expertise, such as aid agencies, specialised institutions and private companies, for the implementation of specific projects and programmes, including those in the area of international cooperation (development cooperation, cooperation with Eastern Europe and humanitarian aid). By offering additional specialised skills, the contractors help ensure that the FDFA is able to fulfil its constitutional mandate.

Swiss Maritime Navigation Office (SMNO)

Information on the role of the merchant fleet that the FDFA oversees through the Swiss Maritime Navigation Office, in Basel; registration authority for sea-going yachts and small craft that are used on rivers outside the country and in coastal waters