United Nations and International Organisations Division

United Nations and International Organisations Division coordinates and implements Swiss policy on the United Nations (UN), its specialized agencies and other international organizations. In addition, it is responsible for Switzerland’s host-country policy, i.e. for hosting international organizations in this country, the majority of which are located in International Geneva.

The Division comprises the following 4 services:

1. UN Coordination: This service maintains an overview of the UN and its activities, and ensures the coherence of Swiss policy in relation to the UN. It is responsible for ensuring that Switzerland’s positions on issues being debated at the UN are consistent and issues directives for the attention of the Swiss missions and delegations to the UN Offices. UN Coordination consists in turn of the following 2 sections:

  • the Section for the General Assembly and ECOSOC, which is responsible for monitoring the business of these two bodies as well as for coordinating Swiss activities in the Human Rights Council
  • the Section for the Security Council, Policy, which is responsible, firstly, for issues dealt with in the Security Council or which relate to them, and, secondly, for ensuring support for Swiss UN policy within internal politics

2. Candidatures Section is responsible for promoting Swiss candidatures for top international positions and for recruiting Swiss personnel for international organizations. This includes helping young Swiss university graduates to start careers at the UN.

3. The Section International Organizations and Host-Country Policy is concerned to provide international organizations based in Switzerland with the best possible conditions, in particular with regard to office premises and the organization of conferences. In addition, it also helps other international organizations to establish themselves in Switzerland. 

4. The UNESCO Section is composed by the Secretariat of the Swiss Commission for UNESCO and the UNESCO coordination. The Secrétariat supports the Commission in its task as advisory body for the federal authorities in all areas concerning Switzerland's relations with UNESCO. The Commission also co-ordinates between UNESCO and Swiss educational, scientific, culture, and communications circles. The UNESCO coordination is the UNESCO contact point for the federal administration.