Public International Law Day 2018

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Traditionally organized by the Directorate of International Law (DIL) of the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (FDFA), the Public International Law Day is aimed at addressing a subject of international law of topical interest and promoting Switzerland’s engagement in that field.

This year’s edition focuses on how international law deals with questions of digital transformation and cybersecurity. The rapid evolvement of digital communication and information systems offers new economic and social opportunities. An inclusive, free and at the same time secure and stable digital environment serves as a prerequisite for peace and security, the exercise of fundamental rights and the participation of all citizens in the democratic process. Simultaneously, the increase in malicious cyber activities by state and non-state actors, the dissemination of harmful cyber tools and techniques as well as the misuse of personal data require an innovative approach to cope with these digital developments.

To this extent, the Public International Law Day 2018 is designed to bring together legal, technical and policy experts in order to foster the dialogue and common understanding amongst states, private actors, companies and the academic environment on the application of international law to digital transformation and cybersecurity. In particular, legal questions raised by cyberattacks, opportunities and challenges of digital democracy and specific diplomatic and consular law topics will be addressed.

The event takes place in cooperation with the Geneva Internet Platform.

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