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 An African woman holds a microphone as she interviews another woman in a radio studio.
Gender equality is an important theme of Switzerland's International Cooperation Strategy 2021–24, one of the follow-up strategies to Switzerland's Foreign Policy Strategy.

The thematic strategies of Swiss foreign policy for the period 2021–2024 include:

International Cooperation Strategy

The International Cooperation Strategy is one of Switzerland's foreign policy instruments. Rooted in the Federal Constitution, it seeks to alleviate need and poverty in the world, foster respect for human rights, promote democracy and protect the environment.

Article: Jobs, climate, migration and the rule of law

The Federal Council adopted its International Cooperation Strategy on 19 February 2020. The strategy's thematic priorities and geographic focus allow Switzerland to carry out effective international cooperation.

Digital foreign policy strategy

Digital technology offers new opportunities for diplomacy, the fight against poverty and sustainability. However, it also poses risks in processing huge quantities of data, spreading fake messages and surveillance. With the adoption of the Digital Foreign Policy Strategy 2021–2024, the Federal Council recognises digital technology as a priority topic of Swiss foreign policy.

Article: Digitalisation improves coherence of Switzerland's foreign policy strategy

The Digital Foreign Policy 2021–2024 strategy adopted by the Federal Council on 4 November 2020 is based on the clear recognition that the world is constantly changing and needs a digital home, a place where all states, companies and citizens who are strongly affected by the new challenges of technological innovation can find themselves.

Press release: Digital foreign policy strategy 2021–24

Focus areas include the strengthening of international governance and cooperation forums, digital self-determination for individual users, international law and the use of digitalisation to improve international cooperation. 

Strategy for Communication Abroad

The Strategy for Communication Abroad 2021-2024 intends to promote Switzerland's image abroad and help safeguard its best interests. Given the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, appropriate communication and networking platforms will raise the profile of Swiss businesses.

Press release – New Strategy for Communication Abroad

At its meeting on 18 December 2020, the Federal Council approved Switzerland's Strategy for Communication Abroad 2021–24. Targeted communication initiatives can explain Switzerland's position, strengths and actions and promote its interests.

FDFA Guidelines on Partnering with Sponsors 2021 

New FDFA guidelines on cooperation with sponsors will apply from 2021. They will be valid to head office in Bern, throughout the external network and to Switzerland's participation in major international events.

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