Bilateral relations Switzerland–Fiji

Relations between Switzerland and Fiji are limited in scope. Switzerland does not do a significant amount of trade with this sparsely-populated Pacific archipelago.

Key aspects of diplomatic relations

Switzerland and the Republic of Fiji maintain sporadic contact, and the two countries occasionally work together at multilateral level.

Switzerland pursues four main strands of cooperation with all of the Pacific island states:

  1. International Geneva: Switzerland offers all Pacific island states financial and logistical support to establish a permanent mission to the UN and to the other international organisations in Geneva. A permanent mission provides the small island states with opportunities to voice their concerns and interests to the international community.

  2. Multilateral organisations: Through organisations such as the Asian Development Bank, the Green Climate Fund and others, the Pacific region indirectly benefits from Swiss funding, particularly in the area of climate change.

  3. Individual projects in human security, human rights and humanitarian aid: Switzerland has a Humanitarian Aid Hub in Bangkok, which can provide emergency aid in the event of natural disasters such as hurricanes in the Pacific states.

  4. Small-scale projects through the Swiss embassies in Wellington, Canberra and Manila.

Switzerland provided Fiji with financial support and advice in 2014 when it opened its permanent mission to the UN and to the other international organisations in Geneva.

The Swiss embassy in New Zealand is responsible for Fiji. On 14 November 2012 Switzerland opened an honorary consulate in Suva.

Treaty database

Official website of Fiji

Swiss embassy in Wellington

Swiss nationals in Fiji

At the end of 2021, 37 Swiss nationals were resident Fiji, making it host to a relatively large Swiss colony.