Bilateral relations Switzerland–Guyana

Relations between Switzerland and Guyana are good, but not very intensive. Switzerland's involvement in debt relief in Guyana is worth noting.

Key aspects of diplomatic relations

Switzerland and Guyana have also signed agreements in areas such as lifting visa requirements for holders of a diplomatic or service passport, extradition and investment protection. The Swiss Embassy in Caracas (Venezuela) represents Swiss interests in Guyana.

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Government of Guyana

Economic cooperation

In 2015 Switzerland imported goods worth just CHF 0.09 million, primarily agricultural products. Exports to Guyana amounted to CHF 1,91 million and consisted of metal and machinery.

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Swiss nationals in Guyana

In 2015 the Swiss community in Guyana totalled 12 people.

History of bilateral relations

Switzerland has maintained diplomatic relations with Guyana since 1977. It has been particularly involved in debt relief in the country and signed a bilateral investment protection agreement in 2005 at Guyana's instigation.

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