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Bilateral relations Switzerland–Malta

Relations between Switzerland and the Republic of Malta are good and becoming closer. Because of its history and strategic location in the Mediterranean, Malta functions as a bridge between Europe and North Africa and the Middle East.

Key aspects of diplomatic relations

The Mediterranean Academy for Diplomatic Studies (MEDAC), established jointly by Switzerland and Malta in 1990, is an important element of bilateral relations. MEDAC offers diplomacy and international relations programmes, with a focus on the Mediterranean region. Switzerland provides funding for MEDAC, for scholarships for young diplomats from the Middle East and North Africa, and for the Swiss Chair at the academy.

In 2002, Switzerland and Malta jointly established DiploFoundation, a non-profit organization providing capacity support to small states and developing countries in the area of policy making. Switzerland supports DiploFoundation financially.  

Treaty database

Mediterranean Academy for Diplomatic Studies, MEDAC

Economic cooperation

Trade between the two countries is modest, and mainly comprises machines, chemicals and pharmaceuticals. Switzerland runs a trade surplus with Malta. Swiss imports from Malta amounted to CHF 31 million in 2017. Exports amounted to CHF 151 million in the same year. Malta is a popular destination for Swiss tourists.

Trade promotion, Switzerland Global Enterprise

Cooperation in the domain of education

MEDAC is the focal point of cooperation between the two countries in the field of education.

Swiss contribution to EU enlargement

Malta was one of the beneficiaries of the contribution Switzerland made to the new EU member states to reduce economic and social disparities. Switzerland contributed some CHF 5 million to Malta in this context. This sum was used, among other purposes, for cooperation with MEDAC.

Malta – A partner country for Switzerland’s contribution to EU enlargement

Swiss nationals in Malta

There are currently 299 Swiss nationals living in Malta.

History of bilateral relations

Malta gained its independence in 1964 and has maintained its neutral and non-aligned status since it joined the European Union in 2004.

The Swiss ambassador in Rome was accredited to the Maltese government shortly after Malta became an independent state. The Swiss honorary consulate in Valletta, which had existed since 1937, was upgraded to an honorary consulate general in 2003. A Maltese ambassador has been accredited to Switzerland (with residence in Malta) since 2008.

Malta, Historical Dictionary of Switzerland (de, fr, it)

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