Press releases, 15.12.2022

In 2022, the public's perception of Switzerland in other countries was again very positive, while press coverage was rather more ambivalent. Switzerland's positioning in context of the war in Ukraine attracted plenty of coverage, some of which was critical.

As in previous years, the majority of people abroad continued to have stable and highly positive attitudes towards Switzerland. These findings are based on a representative population survey commissioned by Presence Switzerland, which was conducted in 18 countries. Switzerland's landscape, traditional products such as chocolate, cheese and watches, its financial services sector, a strong and stable economy, wealth and a high standard of living featured highly in people's responses. A greater awareness of Swiss neutrality was observed among the public abroad. Neutrality was associated more strongly with Switzerland than in previous years, with responses tending to be more critical.

In 2022, the war in Ukraine dominated the global news agenda. International press coverage of Switzerland this year focused primarily on its positioning in the context of the war in Ukraine. The coverage was particularly concerned with Switzerland's decisions on sanctions and the re-export of arms and ammunition. A number of reports, especially in the European press, were critical of Switzerland. As in previous years, foreign policy issues strongly impacted other countries' perceptions of Switzerland in 2022.

The Swiss financial services sector also came under intense media scrutiny this year. There was extensive coverage of the 'Suisse secrets' data leak, and the press was taking a keen interest in all developments concerning Credit Suisse.

In addition to these topics, which were covered extensively throughout the year, the following events sparked a great deal of temporary media interest: the World Economic Forum in Davos, the planned Swiss radioactive waste repository near the German border and Roger Federer's retirement, which made international headlines.

Presence Switzerland at the FDFA helps safeguard Switzerland's interests abroad by implementing and shaping Switzerland's communications abroad. This includes monitoring other countries' perceptions of Switzerland in traditional print media and on social media and analysing image studies on an ongoing basis. Presence Switzerland publishes an annual report on Switzerland seen from abroad.

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