Bilateral relations Switzerland–Tibet

Tibet is a region of the People’s Republic of China with an Autonomy Statute for the Tibetan population. In administrative terms Tibet is a province. As part of a state, it enjoys no sovereignty under international law. Switzerland therefore maintains no direct official contacts with the local Tibetan authorities.

Key aspects of bilateral relations

Switzerland is home to the second largest Tibetan community outside Asia, which is very well integrated. For this reason, Switzerland takes a great interest in the situation in those areas of China populated by Tibetans. The subject of Tibet is regularly discussed as part of the human-rights dialogue between Switzerland and China. In order to improve human rights in Tibet and ultimately to help bring about a lasting and peaceful solution of the Tibetan question, Switzerland encourages all parties to engage in dialogue.

History of bilateral relations

The Dalaï-Lama, spiritual leader of the Buddhist Tibetan community, has visited Switzerland on a number of occasions. In accordance with its humanitarian tradition, Switzerland has also accepted a large number of Tibetan refugees since the 1950s.