Multi Donor Trust Fund (MDTF)

The MDTF aims to reduce the socio-economic marginalisation of people, with focus on women, religious minorities and internally displaced people, in the Pakistan border regions to Afghanistan; the fund will contribute to state-building in the most fragile regions of the country by strengthening capacity of the subnational governments. Consequently, the population will get increased access to basic services and livelihood opportunities.

Pays/région Thème Période Budget
Conflit & fragilité
Emploi & développement économique
État de droit - démocratie - droits de l’homme
Prévention des conflits
Gestion et réforme du système de sécurité
Création d'emplois
01.12.2013 - 31.12.2022
CHF 9'075'000

Despite the fact that Pakistan is classified as Lower Middle Income country (Global Monitoring Report 2011), 45.6% of the population in Pakistan are multidimensionally poor (UNDP Human Development Report 2014). The three targeted regions in Pakistan’s border area to Afghanistan are particularly vulnerable to poverty and have suffered intensely due to militancy and conflict - substantially more than the other regions.


To reduce the fragility of the targeted regions, the MDTF will decrease the socio-economic marginalization of the population, with particular focus on the vulnerable groups, through policy reforms, strengthened capacity of the subnational governments, improved service delivery, growth and job creation.

The SDC will leverage its longstanding experience in Conflict Sensitive Program Management (CSPM) and Gender to influence the MDTF’s projects and the government’s agendas through its active participation in the steering.

Groupes cibles

Local populations in the FATA, KP and Balochistan regions with special focus on women, religious minorities and internally displaced persons (IDPs).

Federal and provincial government officials.

Effets à moyen terme
  • People in KP, FATA and Balochistan have increased access to better employment and income- generating opportunities. 
  • Provincial governments in KP, FATA and Balochistan have strengthened capacity to provide effective, accountable and inclusive services for its citizens and a conducive environment for private sector growth. 
  • People in KP, FATA and Balochistan, particularly the vulnerable population, have increased access to basic services. 

Principaux résultats antérieurs:  

A feasibility study of the MDTF commissioned by the SDC through an opening credit has stressed the central role of MDTF to complement and leverage the overall SDC portfolio in Pakistan. A strong ownership of the fund by the government will not only ensure better access to the regions, but also improve the sustainability of the programme’s interventions. A participation in the trust fund will provide opportunities for SDC to influence the government’s agenda towards people centric development, while strengthening the country systems through the MDTF programme.

Direction/office fédéral responsable DDC
Crédit Coopération au développement
Partenaire de projet Partenaire contractuel
Institution financière internationale (IFI)
  • Other WB

Autres partenaires

KP, FATA and Balochistan government departments

Coordination avec d'autres projets et acteurs

As per the geographic and thematic priorities outlined in the logframe, synergies with the SDC portfolio – in the fields of water governance, migration (with focus on IDPs) and local governance (with focus on the demand side) will be exploited.

Budget Phase en cours Budget de la Suisse CHF   9'075'000 Budget suisse déjà attribué CHF   9'025'948
Phases du projet Phase 1 01.12.2013 - 31.12.2022   (Phase en cours)