Le traité international en detail

Type de traité Traité international bilatéral
Matière 0.81
Numéro RS none
Etat partie Ägypten
Titre anglais Memorandum of Understanding between the Government of the Swiss Confederation through the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (seco) and the Government of the Arab Republic of Egypt through the Ministry of Health and Population (MoHP) concerning the Second Phase of the Project for Restructuring of Blood Transfusion Services of the MoHP in Egypt, financed through the fourth swiss-egyptian mixed financing line
Conclu le 30.11.2004
Entrée en vigueur 30.11.2004
Publication RO none
Langues angl.
Publication message FF (f/a) none
Validité This Agreement shall remain in force until all obligations under it have been fulfilled.

Type: A = Adhésion, S = Déclaration de succession

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Numéro Annexe Signature Entrée en vigueur CH Publication
1 Annex 1 - Project for Restructuring of Blood Transfusion Services of the Ministry of Health and Population of the Arab Republic of Egypt, Project Document 30.11.2004 30.11.2004
2 Annex 2a - Organisational Structure of Ministry of Health and Population 30.11.2004 30.11.2004
3 Annex 2b - Organisational Structure of National Blood Service in Egypt 30.11.2004 30.11.2004
4 Annex 2c - Project Organisation during Phase II of the Project 30.11.2004 30.11.2004
5 Annex 2d - Chair of Egyptian / Swiss BTS project and PIU 30.11.2004 30.11.2004
6 Annex 3 - Time Schedule, Phase II 30.11.2004 30.11.2004
7 Annex 4 - Items to be Procured locally by MoHP 30.11.2004 30.11.2004
8 Annex 5 - Approximate costing for the major items of equipment under Mixed Credit IV 30.11.2004 30.11.2004
9 Annex 5c - Information Technology 30.11.2004 30.11.2004
10 Annex 6a - Technical Assistance Programme 30.11.2004 30.11.2004
11 Annex 6b - Teaching Curriculum of the TAP for Phase II 30.11.2004 30.11.2004
12 Annex 7 - Procurement Procedures 30.11.2004 30.11.2004


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