Le traité international en detail

Type de traité Traité international bilatéral
Matière 0.97
Numéro RS none
Etat partie Ägypten
Titre anglais Agreement between the Government of the Swiss Confederation and the Government of the Arab Republic of Egypt on the Granting on Financial Assistance for the improved water and wastewater services programme II (IWSP II)
Conclu le 07.05.2015
Entrée en vigueur 07.05.2015
Publication RO n.p.
Langues angl.
Publication message FF (f/a) none

Type: A = Adhésion, S = Déclaration de succession

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Numéro Annexe Signature Entrée en vigueur CH Publication
1 Schedule 1 - Total costs and financing package of the Project 07.05.2015 07.05.2015 n.p.
2 Schedule 2 - Description of the Swiss Subproject and its objectives 07.05.2015 07.05.2015 n.p.


Numéro Texte Conclu le Entrée en vigueur Publication
1 Amendment Letter No. 1 to Supplement 4 to Annex A to the Administration Agreement between Switzerland and IFC for Advisory Services in the ECA region IFC Reference Trust Fund Nos. TF071445 and TF071384 24.05.2015 24.05.2015 n.p.